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Caterina's Palace
Caterina's Palace
Caterina's Palace
Caterina's Palace
Caterina's Palace

The palace and park complex of Tsarskoye Selo is located twenty-five kilometers south of St.Petersburg. In the seventeenth century there was a Finnish farm here at Dudorovsky eminence called "Saari mois" in Finnish language. In 1708 it became a possession of the Russian Tsar, and the Finnish toponymy word "Saari mois" was transformed into "Tsarskaya Mysa" that sounded more Russian.
In 1708 - 1724 Tsarskaya Mysa was the residence of Peter the Great's wife, the Empress Catherine I. From 1741 Tsarskoye Selo became the residence of the Empress Elizabeth.
In 1750 the architects M. Zemtsov and S. Chevakinsky constructed a stone palace with a church and erected the buildings that closed the Parade Yard. In 1752 - 56, during the reign of the Empress Elizabeth, the architect Rastrelli created a magnificent Emperor Palace, a brilliant masterpiece of Russian baroque. At the same time the Hermitage and Grotto Pavilions were built, regular Upper and Lower Gardens were laid out, and the Lower Garden was decorated with sculptures.
During the reign of Catherine II (1760 -1790) the ensemble of Tsarskoye Selo was supplemented by the creations of A. Rinaldi, Y. Felten, C. Cameron, and D. Qvarenghi. The Cold Bath-house, the Agate Pavilion, the Hanging Gardens with a sloping platform, and the Cameron Gallery which represent the prominent masterpieces of the classical architecture were erected to the drawings of C. Cameron.
Reconstructed Amber Room in Catherine Palace of the State museum- "Tsarskoe Selo" was officially opened for the visitors on May, 31 2003 course of the meeting of the chapters and the governments of 8 conducting industrial countries of the world in St.-Petersburg.
Reconstruction of the unique work of art began in 1979. In this period of time the workers have processed and laid more than half million of plates of "sun stone".
We offer you to visit the famous Amber Room during the excursion to Catherine's Palace in Tsarskoe Selo.

Amber Room
Amber Room-one of the most interesting in art relation's rooms of Catherine Palace.
The basis of furniture of this interior was made by amber panels masterly executed by the German foremen on the project of the architect A. Shluter.
Amber plates were carefully picked according to the color and were decorated by the thinnest engraving.
It was really unique product of decorative - applied art. In 1716 Peter I got the amber panels in kind of diplomatic present from King of Prussia, but the Amber room in Catherine's Palace was decorated much later, only in 1755.
Rasstrelli used golden wooden fretwork, mirrors, mosaics paintings.
During the years of Great Patriotic War the occupants stole amber plates.
Museum's Collection consists of different caskets, chesses and other items of amber, which managed to save during the years of war.
And not so long ago in Germany were found the elements of Amber Room: one of the Amber plates and chest of drawers.
According to the agreement between Russia and Germany these things were given back to the Catherine's Palace-museum.

Catherine's Palace:
Open: 10.00 - 17.00
Closed on TUE and on the
last MON of every month
The exhibition in Alexander's Palace:
Open: 10.00 - 16.30
Closed on TUE
Open: 10.00 - 16.00
Closed on TUE.

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